Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Three more and a wake-up

I normally don't get too excited about the weekend but it's 7:10 on Wednesday morning and there's something about the air that is just right for a mountain bike ride and I need to get my kids ready for school.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Beach Day

Had a great day at the beach in Saturday afternoon. I don't usually go to Sugar Dock but we had a family outing to attend. I knew both of our dogs would enjoy the trip but I was pretty sure that only Goofball wouldn't wander off so we left Rescue at home to guard the castle.

The kids had a blast and the barbecue from the little Filipino place was righteous, so things were going just fine...until the incident.

Local folks really aren't too keen on the whole "man's best friend" thing when it comes to dogs, so I don't always bring the pups to the beach when it's crowded.

Saturday was kind of overcast so I thought the beach wouldn't be packed and I brought our big ol' black lab.

I'm no dog whisperer but I know she's got dependency issues. That means she never wanders too far off without checking back with me. Knowing that gives me the confidence to bring her out because she won't scare any kids.

Well, Goofy ran all over the beach chasing sticks, swimming with the kids and fetching whatever people threw in the water. Along the way she ingested a bunch of sea water.

Flashback to about five years ago when our big lug head of a chocolate lab, Meatball, was at Obyan Beach for the post-XTERRA barbecue.

She had a great day and gulped down a bunch of sea water, as well. Lucky for us, Meaty found a patch of grass and shot a stream of what can only be described as a brown saltwater mixture of whatever was in her digestive tract onto the ground.

It was awful, but at least nobody else was forced to witness the act. Better yet, nobody was directly or indirectly affected by the evacuation of her bowels.

Fast forward to Saturday, when I casually glanced down the beach and caught Goofy firing a similar stream directly into the water.

Oh, the horror.

What the heck are you supposed to do in that situation?

My initial response was to scan the beach for witnesses. I couldn't believe nobody else saw this!

I was appalled and it was my dog. I couldn't stare long enough if it was someone else's dog, complete with a stink-eye.

The next course of action was to pack up the kids and get the heck out of there. Yeah, because there's nothing else to do.

I mean, I didn't have caution-tape and there wasn't much of a current to disperse the brown cloud. Was I supposed to warn beach goers about their impending doom?

I don't know, but packing up the fam and GOLF TANGO FOXTROT OSCAR seemed like the best plan.

So, that's what we did. It started to rain, so that helped a bit. Not that much though.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Holy Smokes!

So the last post was three months ago and that was a month after my big career change. So much to get the world caught up on. Okay, so it's not that big of a deal since only two people read this blog (both are probably me).


It's late and I'm restless thank to the two cans of oolong tea.I should have just enjoyed a couple of beers so I would be sleepy. All in all, it's been a nutritional disaster day. What did I eat? My daily intake went something like this:

-Two cups of coffee
-one piece of chocolate
-one piece of bacon
-two bites of pancake
-one glass of water
-a small bag of raw almonds
-one small plate of poke (raw tuna)
-two cans of Oolong tea
-two small pieces of chocolate

That's a butt load of caffeine. No wonder I can't sleep at 11pm.

So back to that career change thing...okay, maybe later. I'm gonna try to knock out for the night. When I return I'll write about the new gig with the local news channel.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Watched Pot...

As the old saying goes, a watched pot never boils. Well, I've been watching the heck out of this two-wheeled pot every day on ebay and my bike isn't any closer to getting here. Thanks to the wonderful world of the Internet, not only can I purchase a bike online, I can also track the progress of it's shipping. Here's how the tracking has progressed thus far:

Processed through USPS Sort Facility
Mar-16-14, 11:24 AM, RICHMOND, CA 94804
Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility
Mar-13-14, 09:12 AM, DENVER, CO 80217
Accepted at USPS Origin Sort Facility
Mar-13-14, 07:57 AM, SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84106
Depart USPS Sort Facility
Mar-13-14, 00:00 AM, DENVER, CO 80217
From what I've gathered over the years, the next stop for my bike is the USPS Sort Facility in Honolulu, HI 96820. From there the process can take a while. Usually it's about two weeks. Of course, shipping doesn't always take that long from Hawai'i. In the past week, I received a pair of trail shoes from the Five-O in five days. If the 29er shows up in Hono tomorrow morning, there;s still a shot that it might be here in time for XTERRA Guam on March 29th. I'll be happy if it's here in time for XTERRA Saipan on April 5th.
In the meantime, I'll continue to look for bubbles and steam.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Going Large

2005 Giant Iguana Hard Trail
I've made a few upgrades to my racing lifestyle int he past year and one of these changes will bring me great joy...when it finally gets here. After discovering a love for off-road adventures with my brand new Giant Iguana back in the end of 2005, I spent years learning Saipan's trails atop a 26" hard tail. I picked up my Giant Rainier back in 2009 and I've enjoyed the upgraded 26" hard tail ever since.

Giant Rainier Hard Tail
While I've enjoyed hammering through the trails, the appeal of a buying a bigger bike began to take hold. The 29ers have larger tires which make it superior to a 26er when it comes to rolling over obstacles with ease. Also, in my old age (okay, I'm 39 now so I'm not that old...yet), I don't like feeling every little rock, root and bump along the way. That had me dreaming of a full-suspension bike the past few years.

Last week, I pulled the trigger and got both. Thanks to the wonderful world of ebay, I purchased a Titus Racer X 29er. The bike has everything I want and it looks pretty sweet. Full-suspension, 29" wheels and loads of upgrades make this ride cush.

Titus Race X 29er
So it's not brand-spanking-new, but it's new to me! This puppy is supposed to be so awesome that I won't even need to pedal anymore. Okay, maybe not. I'm looking forward to crushing descents and handling rocky stretches with ease. I might be living in a dream land but the last time I rode a full-ride 29er it felt like I was riding on a cloud.

I'll put in some more time on my Rainier before it gets here just so I can feel the difference. I'm thinking that the bumpy stretch from Saipan's long-abandoned Radar Station to Bird Island will feel much better now.

That downhill action is fierce but the long level stretch of rutted road at the bottom was awful. Maybe it's because I don't like the bumps or maybe I'm just using the wrong equipment. I'm hoping it was the latter.

One way or another, I'll find out when it gets here.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Fresh Hoff of Bel Air

The Rip-Hoff pt.1 from Matthijs_Vlot on Vimeo.

This is one of the reasons why the Internet is awesome. Sadly, I haven't found things like this all too often as of late but every once in a while the Internet yields a little slice of salvation. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day Five Is Here!

Made it through Day 4 of my return to healthy eating and it's nice to see the little red marks accumulate on my calendar. It's also nice to feel dedicated to a healthy lifestyle again.

My legs were awfully sore yesterday but that pain I got from the ol' hip during the last stretch of uphill running is all but gone. I think I'll cool it on the ascents for a while and stick to flat running. Yeah, it's boring but I think it'll let me enjoy more of my free time.

Sticking to the good stuff is getting easier and easier but last night I was hit with a pretty major sugar craving. Knowing that I'm on a plan helped me fight it off.

Five days ago, I would've been munching on some high-calorie, low-nutrition, sugar-packed junk and feeling bad about it in the morning. Instead, I'm a happy guy with another clean day of eating under my belt.

I started off with a very, very green juice that consisted of a slew of locally grown leafy greens, a couple of small apples, a carrot, half of a lemon, and three cucumbers. It made for a vitamin-rich kick-start to my day.

I'll have more of the same this morning. This commitment to my health comes at the perfect time because there are a few food-focused holidays on the way. We've got a Trick-or-Treat session this afternoon, a fiesta over the weekend, and plenty or reasons to party the night away.

We live on an island where there's a very logical reason behind every night out; Because we can!

It's kind of a double-edged sword. We live in a place where we can train in pleasant conditions throughout the year, however, we live in a place that offers amazing sunsets every evening that are nicely complimented by cold beverages.

These days I'm leaning more toward the former.

Time to head out for a quick run to get this Friday underway.